3 things you should pay attention to when buying a standing desk

Have you already read a lot of good things about standing desks, but are overwhelmed by the many offers? After countless conversations with our customers, we would like to report on what really matters and introduce you to the 3 things you should pay attention to when buying a new desk!

How robust is the table?

Do you know the feeling of sitting down in a beautiful garden on a warm summer evening with a good glass of wine? Then you probably know the feeling when the table in the garden on which you want to put your glass wobbles 😨 We are of the opinion that there are few things that are more annoying than a wobbly table - especially at work. We therefore recommend paying attention to two things in particular when buying a new desk

What load is the table designed for?

When it comes to standing desks, a distinction is made between static load and dynamic load. The dynamic load indicates the load with which a table can be adjusted and is therefore a good indicator of the strength of the installed motors. In principle, the higher the dynamic load, the more durable the table is. In addition, it is also recommended to avoid tables with only 1 built-in electric motor, as these have a significantly higher probability of failure under load.

✅ Check dynamic resilience

✅ 2 motors guarantee a longer service life

How is the table constructed?

The difference between double and triple columns is probably the most crucial point when it comes to whether your table remains stable at maximum height or wobbles. This is particularly important if you plan to install larger monitors. A triple telescopic column structure ensures maximum stability. A double telescopic column structure should only be used on desks that are subject to little load (e.g. in children's rooms).

✅ Check telescopic column structure

Is the table suitable as a smart desk?

One of the most important criteria for a desk is its smart functions. This is primarily about the heart of the matter - the operating module. From the outside it looks inconspicuous and can be confused - but there are big differences here. The most important ones follow

Does the table have a mobile app?

Many desk models are quickly described as smart - but only a few meet the requirements. In most cases, a smart standing desk is a table that can be controlled via an app and includes activity tracking .

✅ Mobile app (iOS & Android) available

Does the table have a memory setting?

Savable positions can be extremely useful. Especially if you want to bring your table to the right height with just one click. Likewise, if you share the table with someone else, savable positions are even more helpful.

✅ Position memory function

Does the table fit in your apartment?

Many people would primarily think about the size of the table. In addition to the size, the design is also very important - the right frame and a suitable top, especially wood decors or simple white/black variants...

Monday to Friday your apartment is a home office but on Saturday/Sunday you want to have peace and quiet? When buying a standing desk, pay attention to how well you can move it into the background. A good option for this are desks with wheels!

✅ A desk with wheels for even more variable use

Table tops
Finding the right size is usually only half the battle. The most important thing here is to pay attention to the style of your apartment. An important rule of thumb is to never use more than 3 different types of wood in a living space. The right table top plays a big role!

✅ A suitable decor for your apartment


In addition to the table top, you can also set great accents in the home with a colored or deliberately classic frame (black/white). It is also important that the table fits well into your current home decor.

✅ Choose the right color with the right plate for your apartment

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